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Is Fentanyl Ruining Your Business?
What to know about a drug rampant in Renfrew County
Fentanyl. There has been a lot of media coverage on this drug that has a near-immediate overdose rate. People are taking it unknowingly, as it is most often mixed in with other drugs. What you might not know is that the situation in Renfrew County is as bad or worse than the big cities in Canada. According to a CBC news article two weeks ago, the number of opioid overdoses in Renfrew County is nearly twice that of Ottawa given the population.
LINK:  CBC News Ottawa Article
LINK:  Health Matters Tip Sheet
LINK:  Face The Fentanyl
LINK:  Local Pharmacies Selling Naloxone Kits
LINK:  Robbie Dean Family Health Centre
LINK:  Renfrew County District Health Unit (Fentanyl Information)
LINK:  Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

Regional Business News
Door-to-door sales ban, community hub creation, legalization of cannabis online survey, and new travel booking changes - read what is going on in Ontario.
LINK:  Community Hubs Application
LINK:  Cannabis Legalization Consultation
LINK:  Travel Consultations
LINK:  Door-to-Door Sales Information

2017 Summer Company Program Has Six Entrepreneurs
Lawn maintenance, digital photo scanning service and more

Six students from across the Ottawa Valley were successful in earning a 2017 Summer Company award to run their own business. To qualify, the students had to develop a comprehensive business plan including market analysis, operations and financial feasibility.
LINK:  Enterprise Renfrew County
LINK:  2017 Local Summer Company Participants
LINK:  Summer Company
LINK:  Summer Company on Facebook

Book Club: The Future Workplace Experience
By: Jeanne C. Meister and Kevin J. Mulcahy

In a business landscape rocked by constant change and turmoil, companies like Airbnb, Cisco, GE Digital, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are reinventing the future of work. What is it that makes these companies so different? They’re strategic, they’re agile, and they’re customer-focused. But, most important, they’re game changers. And their workplace practices reflect this.


Flooded With Ideas

How I went from soggy to solution

Like many people in this region, my basement flooded this year…twice. After the first flood, I thought, “what are the chances this will happen again?” A month later, it happened again. I decided it might be a good idea to get a professional to give me some educated advice on what could be a solution. As it turns out, the professional could give me a customized fix that would solve my problem and fit my budget.


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